Post Bariatric Surgery Meal Prep Tips
March 04 2019

You have successfully had your bariatric surgery and now that your stomach is only four ounces, you need to learn how portion your foods accordingly. With your new small stomach, you don’t want to be wasting food since you can’t eat as much as you once did before.

Here are five tips to help you plan and meal prep after surgery.

&tab;1. Pre-portion your smaller meals. Portions need to be smaller after surgery. You can still make your regular size meals but remember to portion them out to post surgery sized meals. Once portioned, freeze some of them into freezer safe containers so when you need something quick and fast, you can just go grab one of them.

&tab;2. Use the weekend for meal planning, shopping, cooking, and prepping. - Figure out what you are going to have for the week, make a list, and buy the ingredients to make during the weekend or off days. - Use online sources to help you come up with ideas like, and There, you can find great recipes and tips to help you with your meal planning and prepping. 3. It’s okay to eat out when you go prepared. Try your best to eat a high protein meal when going out. Getting a side salad and a grilled chicken patty from a drive through is a great example of a high protein small portion meal. 4. Use smart and fast cooking options. - Use frozen vegetables—they’re easy, quick, and you can just add a meat/protein source to have a great quick meal! - Use low fat cheese or yogurt to help you get extra protein into your daily diet. Remember to stay away from sugary yogurts. Look for high protein, lower sugar options. - Remember your frozen meals you made during the weekend? Don’t forget to grab one of those when you’re in a pinch! 5. Ask a dietitian for personal guidance. Your dietitian will help you plan your meals based on your lifestyle! Bring anyone along with you that might help you with the cooking at home. Your weight loss journey is a team effort. The more people in your life that are involved in supporting your efforts, the better.