Winter Activity Burn
January 30 2019

Brrrr! It certainly is cold out there! Although getting cozy by the fire is always nice to do this time of year, it does absolutely nothing for our mid-sections. With all the holiday parties and festivities, many of us could use a little help in this area!

So, here’s a list of winter activities to try that might help offset some of those tasty treats!

Downhill skiing and snowboarding are great workouts for all the major muscles in your legs and can burn up to 450 calories per hour. Not ready to hit the slopes? Play it safe with cross country skiing and get a total body workout that might have you burning up to 900 calories in an hour!

Shoveling…what a wonderful way to spend the afternoon! Squeeze those abs, keep your back flat and your shoulders relaxed. You’ll simulate squats, crunches and arm raises all at the same time! Just don’t forget to take periodic rest breaks to let your heart rate stabilize and do some light stretching afterward to minimize muscle soreness.

Building snowmen, having a snowball fight or making snow angels are some of the more fun ways to get a good winter workout! These activities can burn from 214 to 319 calories per hour! So grab the kiddos and get going!

Walking, running and hiking can also be enjoyed this time of year with the proper clothing and footwear. Dress in layers, cover your head and hands and make sure your shoes have adequate tread to tackle slippery surfaces. You can also invest in a pair of over-the-shoe treads such as “Yak Trax” to provide extra traction on ice and snow.

So get your heart pumping, your blood moving and your waistline shrinking! After all, that cozy fireplace will be that much more rewarding when you’ve spent the day tearing it up in the great outdoors!